Tools I could not live without 2015

I try not to overdo it with amount of tools I use, but I’ll make a short list of tools I use right now.

Project management and productivity

  • Wunderlist - Simple list manager. Mainly for personal simple use.
  • Trello - For organization of teams and more complicated projects.
  • Sunrise Calendar - For replacement of Google Calendar. But I still keep data at Google.
  • Google Apps - For email, documents and calendar storage.
  • One Drive - Cloud storage. Mainly for photos. Has better integration with my Windows Phone.
  • Skype - For team communication.

Code writing

  • Visual Studio Code - I learned to love Editor over IDE.
  • Visual Studio Community - Best IDE, is still must for bigger and older projects.
  • LinqPad - Very useful tool for quick code testing. Connect it to your DLLs and test everything right away. This should not replace unit tests, but it’s very useful anyway. I sometimes use it instead of command line.
  • Notepad++ - When even Visual Studio Code is too heavy.
  • Resharper - Powerful extension to Visual Studio.
  • ditto - Clipboard manager. Once you get used to it, it saves you years of your life.
  • WinMerge - Simple text file comparison.
  • debuggex - Incredible way to test your regular expressions.
  • Papercut - Development SMTP server. It’s must have if you create application that sends emails.

.Net Libraries

  • nuget - Package manager.
  • autofac - Fast and easy stub and mock object creation (for unit testing).
  • moq - Fast and easy stub and mock object creation (for unit testing).

Javascript libraries

  • angular - Great ecosystem including Ionics.
  • jQuery - Not Everything has to be single page application.

For annoying registrations

  • BugMeNot - Find already existing accounts (I’m looking at you Code Project).
  • 10 Minute Mail - For quick registrations when you don’t want to give your real email.


  • Paint.NET - Very simple to use image editor. Even as a programmer, you need one.
  • Spotify - Unlimited music for few dollars.
  • VLC - Best video player.


Some of my own