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Everything you've been told about programming is wrong

As someone who has been in software development for almost two decades, I saw massive changes in way software is written.

I stood before two options. Become a hater and shout at cloud how it’s all wrong, or realize, that everything I’ve been told about programming is subject to change and it may be time to revisit my core assumptions about how proper code looks like.

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Simple text blur bookmarklet

Ever need to blur out some text on website for screenshot?

Simple blurring using image editor can be time consuming and can also be reversed.

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Visual Basic.NET features I miss in C#

During last year, I’ve migrated hundreds of thousands of lines from Visual Basic.NET to C#.

Luckily, most difficult part of this was convincing client, that it is necessary. There are great automated tools for this nowadays, Roslyn be blessed.

But I still believe, that Visual Basic is really not bad language. It had many good features that C# copied and there are still few left, that I will miss.

These are those features.

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What development and productivity tools I use in 2019

I’ve noticed that as tools get better, I actually need less of them. For example I no longer use Resharper as Visual Studio is enough or I no longer need WinMerge as Visual Studio Code can do same.

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I'm teaching with Czechitas now

It’s been about 9 months since I’ve first met with Dita Přikrylová, founder of Czechitas, non-profit organization that focuses on teaching development skills to women, girls and children.

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Entity Framework Code First type safe eager loading

In Entity Framework Code First, you can achieve eager loading of entities by using Include method on DbQuery in from DbContext of your application.

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One line password generation in .Net using LINQ

When I wrote this code in use-once application, I thought that is rather weird part of code, but works just fine for this once case.
Then I realized, there is nothing wrong with the code. People, who are familiar with LINQ will have little problem reading it and it will work 100% reliably.

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Tools I could not live without 2015

I try not to overdo it with amount of tools I use, but I’ll make a short list of tools I use right now.

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