What development and productivity tools I use in 2019

I’ve noticed that as tools get better, I actually need less of them. For example I no longer use Resharper as Visual Studio is enough or I no longer need WinMerge as Visual Studio Code can do same.

I’ve also replaced many tools by customized Dynalist or Google Spreadsheets.

I tend to write my own CLI applications for automation, but those are not listed as they are private.


  • Dynalist - My whole life revolves around my Dynalist
    • All task, todos, ideas
    • All meeting notes and everything I need to keep
  • GSuite - For email, documents, drive and calendar
  • Slack - For team communication
  • Bitwarden - My go to password manager


  • Visual Studio Code - For anything that is not .Net project
  • Visual Studio - For any .Net development
  • LinqPad - Very useful tool for quick code snippet running, testing and single use scripts. I actually almost never use it’s database capabilities.
  • Postman - REST services testing
  • Github - Since private repositories are free now, I moved all my code to GitHub
  • Debuggex - Incredible way to develop and test your regular expressions


  • Spotify - I listen to music most of my development time. I helps me concentrate.

What was overtaken by Windows 10 functions

  • Clipboard history
  • Night light