Print production planning


  • To efficiently plan print jobs in print center production
  • To have proper estimation about amount of work
  • To track available resources


  • I overtook system after 6 months of development by other developer
  • System had some UI, but there was no planning algorithm implemented
  • I developed complete planning system which allowed to use these data
    • Available resources (human and infrastructure)
    • Shifts, overtimes and unavailability of resources
    • Separation of planning jobs to steps, each requiring resources
    • Calculation based on speed of selected resources
    • Ability to start next step parallel to previous of first result of previous
    • Ability to split work
    • Ability to merge multiple jobs to one for efficiency
  • UI to display all of this
  • Planning is sufficient so that it’s not just estimation, but production jobs are released to production based on planning


  • Planning engine is completely separate from rest of system
    • It’s reusable
    • It’s simple to test