Web 2 Print solution


  • Large company needed to consolidate print of different document to save money and time of employees
  • System was to accept different types of documents, convert them to PDF, prepare image preview with ability to modify
  • Special features
    • Detection of color and black and white pages for more optimal print
    • Ability to modify document page by page in web preview including different paper types, sizes, reordering
    • Ability to generate booklets


  • There were many different types of print jobs to be processed, so configurable workflow system has been developed
  • New actions were possible to be added just by adding plugin that implements specific interface


  • Solution turned out to be generic enough to be used for additional tasks, such as file-less requests for business cards or leave requests
  • Created workflow technology has been reused for additional Transactional Workflwow solution used to process large files without user interaction